BloodThank Press Release


For those who have donated blood - have you ever wondered if you helped anyone?
And for those who received blood - have you ever wanted to thank your donor?

Enter BloodThank, a Melbourne non-profit organization that anonymously connects recipients with their donors. It aims to encourage more Australians to donate by making the experience of donating blood a more rewarding and personal one.

The system is simple. While donating, a donor is given the option of receiving thank you messages from the recipient in the near future. If the appropriate box is checked on the details form, a donor will receive a unique code via e-mail and directions to register on The recipient of the blood then receives that same code and uses it to send a personalised message on

BloodThank links two parties together which would not have had the opportunity otherwise. A study in the interaction of organ donor families and recipients in the U.S found that 70% of donor families and 75% of recipients wanted direct contact after the operation. BloodThank wishes to extend this desire to the giving and receiving of blood, and has the potential to revolutionise the act of giving and receiving blood in the future.

Jump straight to the website here or email at moc.liamg|knahtdoolb#moc.liamg|knahtdoolb


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