About Us

ConversionSpace was created as a solution to the immense difficulty in finding a reliable, fast and free method of converting files to PDF.

Job applications and assignments are increasingly requested in PDF format and there had to be a more reliable and efficient way of converting these files!

This incredibly useful service was a result of four students working consistently for 48 hours in a Startup Camp held at The University of Melbourne over the weekend commencing Friday, 17th April 2009 and concluding Sunday, 19th April 2009.

Meet the team

Mark Parncutt
Education: 3rd year Bachelor of Software Engineering/Arts. Majors: Japanese and Software Engineering.
Work Experience: Co founder – Nudge Pty Ltd; freelance web developer;
Passion: Entrepreneurship.
Email: moc.ecapSnoisrevnoC|kraM#moc.ecapSnoisrevnoC|kraM

Roshni Govindaraj
Education: 3rd year Bachelor of Commerce. Majors: Accounting and Finance.
Work Experience: Cadet – KPMG; Vacation student – PricewaterhouseCoopers; Retail sales consultant – Review Australia
Passion: Latin dance, fashion, social entrepreneurship, martial arts.
Email: moc.ecapSnoisrevnoC|hsoR#moc.ecapSnoisrevnoC|hsoR

Grace Sia
Education: 5th year Commerce/Law
Work experience: Retail Sales Consultant – Review Australia
Passion: managing share portfolio, fashion, animals.
Email: moc.ecapSnoisrevnoC|ecarG#moc.ecapSnoisrevnoC|ecarG

James Ramsay
Education: 2nd year Bachelor of Computer Science
Work experience: Chief technical officer – Nudge Pty Ltd; Data base programmer and web/graphic design
Passion: Landscape photography, musical theatre.
Email: moc.ecapSnoisrevnoC|semaJ#moc.ecapSnoisrevnoC|semaJ

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