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The company is a well established global micro entrepreneurially driven business which provides information about recipes of all sorts, enabling searches by principal ingredents and countries of origin.

Co-Founder Andrew Dever brings a wealth of expertise in technical and strategic imperatives needed to make 8what succeed.

Tim Murphy, currently studying Software Engineering and is a professional assistant and co-founder of 8what.

Puzhou Liu, currently studying Accounting at University of Canberra is also an advisor to 8what.

Stephen Kendal, a well qualified manager, is responsible for marketing including developing commercial relationships with other provider firms and members of the public.

How the company operates

The company operates for profit in a competitive industry to provide recipes to those who need them. They can search the recipes by ingredients and time to make them. However, advertisting from other food service providers (on a commercial basis) is welcome at the 8what site.

Business Overview

The site provides a search engine to identify recipes sort after by the community or industry.

Consequently the target market is those responsible for cooking.

The service will be provided free of charge. However, paid advertising will be welcome.

Press Release

Do you have some ingredients, and do not know what to make?
Do you only have 15 minutes, and do not know what to make?
Then you go to www.8what.com to find out the answer!

You may not realize the 8what website makes possible the preparation of meals, including original creations in a timely fashion. But the site also makes possible the preparation of meals using different ingredients often in a speedier fashion. Certainly these are great features for users!

Today 8what made public its website www.8what.com to enable community and industry access to food recipes of foods all sorts, at no charge. The public is invited to submit and exchange recipes of all sorts. Advertising is available on a fee for service basis on the 8what website.

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